Data Digitization

The art of transforming your physical or manual records (text, images, video, and audio) into digital forms

Data digitization is the gateway into the digital future

As we enter into the digital age, it is more important than ever to have access to your data and information anywhere and anytime. The availability of critical information in digital format can help quicken decision-making. Being able to easily manage your records and information in digital format can also provide key tactical advantages in improving the efficiency of your core business processes.

Digitization also allows your business to have a single source of truth, augments workflow with an audit trail and increases security with protocols applied at the document, folder, person and working group level.

HT Dynamic Solutions can help to provide the optimal solution for your digitization process with high speed and accuracy.

Our robust data digitization process

  • 01 Receive records from clients

    Your documents and records are received by us and classified into different categories according to specification. They can be in the forms of physical records, handwritten or printed text, scanned document, a photo of a document or subtitle text superimposed on an image.

  • After classification, the records are processed by specialized scanners to ensure the highest possible quality. Our in-house optical character recognition (OCR) software will then analyze and convert the scanned documents into editable text formats.

  • The result of the automated digitization process are then carefully checked for quality and updated with any information that might be needed.

  • The final result of the digitization process is transferred back to your server, database or in your specified file format.


Let us support your business process

Our end-to-end solution can provide ease of digital management of records and documents in your organisation, simplifying the processing of searching, querying, analysing and sharing data within your internal structure as well as with your partners.

At HT Dynamic Solutions, we guarantee the confidentiality of your documents and data. We sign non-disclosure agreement with all our clients and our personnel are carefully trained to ensure the utmost discretion when it comes to client protection.


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