Data Labelling

Fuel your AI and Machine Learning models with precisely labelled data and relevant contexts with the help of our professional data annotators

The first step towards Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is acquiring the right labelled data

Successful machine learning and artificial intelligence projects need good data, and oftentimes this can already be a major setback. Most data available today are unstructured, unorganized and unlabelled. In order to create meaningful machine learning models that can understand the underlying structure within the data and make predictions and forecasts to support your business operations, you need a solution that can help you quickly and easily label your raw data.

Labelling data, however, is a very tedious task and takes tremendous manpower. For companies and organizations that want to apply AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning in their technological tool stack, data annotation and labelling often pose a considerable drain on their resources.

To address this issue, HT Dynamic Solutions can provide both manual and automated data labelling services that can supply categorized data in time-series, text, audio, images, and videos for your organizational and modelling needs at high speed and accuracy.

Our careful data labelling procedure

  • 01 Project scoping

    Your datasets and requests are received by us. A specialized team will be established for each project, with its own procedure and guidelines according to your request and specification. The team will process a sample of the dataset and deliver to you for feedback.

  • Our data labelling professionals will begin taking care of the full datasets supplied to us. Daily monitoring and reports on the progress of the data processed will be available. Regular quality check will be implemented to ensure accuracy and consistency of work.

  • The end result will be checked randomly or entirely, depending on your project specification. The final result will be delivered to you for feedback and further improvement.


Let us support your business process

With our highly trained workforce, HT Dynamic Solutions is proud to be one of the companies at the forefront of the data annotation business in Vietnam. We aim to ensure high accuracy and reliability in our labelling service, and contribute to the development of the AI infrastructure of our country in the digital race.

At HT Dynamic Solutions, we guarantee the confidentiality of your documents and data. We sign non-disclosure agreement with all our clients and our personnel are carefully trained to ensure the utmost discretion when it comes to client protection.


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