Software Development Outsourcing

Create custom software solutions for your business needs with our talented in-house engineers and developers

Software Development Outsourcing

Most enterprises today require software service for daily business operations. However, softwares available on the market do not always satisfy the exact demands and specifications of these functions. By outsourcing essential business processes to a third-party company that has the capacity and expertise to develop custom software solutions that cater to the specific needs and requirements, companies can better manage resources including time, energy and expenses to focus more on core business goals and growth.

HT Dynamic Solutions has teams of engineers and developers with a wealth of experience, creative drive and understanding of business needs that can support the research and development of your custom enterprise software, with a good balance between quality and affordability. We operate on a project-based or dedicated team model, depending on your requirement.

Our software development oursourcing procedure

  • 01 Requirements Analysis

    Your requests and specifications are discussed with our specialized team. During this phase, the project will be defined in details and the feasibility study is implemented. It is important to establish the project goal and gather all the requirements that you will need for the final software solution. A clear understanding of the requirements will help to mitigate risks and foster better cooperation between our development team and your business.

  • After the requirements of the project are fleshed out, the design phase will commence with conceptualizing of the solution and scoping out the detailed software architecture tailored to the specific business operations that you require. The structure, functionalities and components of the final product will be engineered with visual mockups detailing the workflow of the overall design.

  • The development phase will convert the design into code and actual software prototypes. Our experienced software engineering teams will ensure that the codes written and the project structure satisfy the requirements and specifications established in previous stages. This step usually will take the longest time as it is the foundation of the project.

  • After the software is built, it will be tested for compatibility with the system used by your business for integration. Our quality assurance team will conduct a number of tests to ensure the product and its functionalities align well with your business requirements and the code are up-to-standard.

  • After the final solution has passed all of our rigorous quality assurance tests, it will move into production and implementation on your system or be deployed as a product to be used by your team.

  • The final phase of the project will be the continous maintenance and regular updates to make sure the software is regularly upgraded and fine-tuned to improve performance and accuracy of operation according to feedback from the end-users.


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We offer a personal approach with our expert team and effective support tools. Our outsourced solution reduce the cost and time for your enterprise so you can focus on growth and scale. We see ourselves as an extension of your team and seamlessly integrate our consultants and help desk professionals into your day-to-day business operations to ensure that your customers get only the best possible experience. Let's be partners and grow our businesses together!


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