Data Entry and Processing

Manual digitization of your records that cannot be processed automatically and algorithmically to support your business operations

Manual digitization is costly and time-consuming for your business

The cost of infrastructure, technology and manpower investment to process your data in-house is astronomical. This task also takes away valuable time, personnel and management effort that you could have spent on your core businesses. By outsourcing your data entry and processing work to us, you can save time, money and the manpower to make more positive impact on your core functions.

Apart from our automated digitization of records, HT Dynamic Solutions also provides an affordable specialized service for manual data input and processing of unstructured data, scanned images, handwritten documents, invoices, contracts, questionnaires and forms into digital formats to be used for storage, querying and other purposes such as accounting, marketing and finances.

Our careful data entry and processing procedure

  • 01 Project scoping

    Your documents and requests are received by us. A specialized team will be established for each project, with its own procedure and guidelines according to your request and specification. The team will process a sample of the document and deliver to you for feedback.

  • Our data entry and processing professionals will begin taking care of the full documents supplied to us. Daily monitoring and reports on the progress of the data processed will be available. Regular quality check will be implemented to ensure accuracy and consistency of work.

  • The end result will be checked randomly or entirely, depending on your project specification. The final result will be delivered to you for feedback and further improvement.


Let us support your business process

Our end-to-end solution can provide ease of digital management of records and documents in your organisation, simplifying the processing of searching, querying, analysing and sharing data within your internal structure as well as with your partners.

At HT Dynamic Solutions, we guarantee the confidentiality of your documents and data. We sign non-disclosure agreement with all our clients and our personnel are carefully trained to ensure the utmost discretion when it comes to client protection.


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